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"Platform" is a working platform for everyone who works with social values: creative groups, communications and advertising agencies, authorities and business as well as private foundations, charitable and non-profit organizations. Together we create a large-scale social media projects and impact-campaigns to make
the life of the Russian society better.
key participants in one place
large-scale social media
projects annually
million people - target audience
for each media project
What does the impact project include
[2] Social media-campaign in which the film becomes a trigger
for social change
• Creation of a full-length documentary film on a social topic
• Screenings on federal television channels
• National film distribution
• Demonstration in the Cinema-club Network of The Documentary Film and Television Guild (Russian Documentary Guild)
• Special screenings within the social and economic forums and conferences
• Promotion to Russian and international film festivals and festivals of social advertising
• DVDs and BluRays distribuion
• Online-streaming
[1] Film and its promotion
• Creating of visual identity of the project with key messages
• Edition of printed products
• Viral video from film materials and digital-promotion
• Creation of website for the project
• Information support (SMM, PR, GR)
• Launch of affiliate programs
• Launch of the crowdfunding campaigns and formation of active core of audience
• Creation of social advertising and obtaining quotas for its placement at the federal and regional levels
• Involving of social entrepreneurs
• Organization of training seminars, courses, programs, master classes
• Involving expert community
• Car runs of the film, its authors, heroes, experts through human settlements with the organization of premiere showings
• Integration with investment forums, conferences and projects of territorial development.
• Evaluation of the project's efficiency and impact before and after implementation
Plat[form] 2017
7 projects-participants*
3 social films projects
3 projects on ecology
1 project-debut
Who can participate
Creative groups, creators of social films and social impact campaigns
Representatives of authorities, sustainable business, CSR, non-profit organizations, private foundations, media, advertising agencies, students of media and film schools

#Social film-projects

We admit social projects with the specified semantic tags:

#Economic growth #Equal opportunities #Ecology #Right of the animals #Social entrepreneurship #Education #Self-study #Mentoring #Healthy lifestyle #Barrier-free environment #Rights of people with special needs #Corporate Social Responsibility #Charity #Volunteering #Revival of the village #Family and children #Rights of the child # Orphanage #Cancer fighting #Civil society development #Innovations #Human capital #Competitiveness #Import substitution #Middle class #Urban science #Development of communities #Urban and rural areas development #Gender equality #Active aging #Older generation #Civil activism #Historical processes #Public dialog #Social capital #Philanthropy #Self-realization
2017 — the year of ecology

2017 year in Russia has been declared as the year of specially protected natural reservations (SPNR). A corresponding decree was signed by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on August 1, 2016.

The thematic focus of the Plat[form] 2017 - ecology, environmental protection, the development of "green" technologies, preserving of the diversity of fauna.

Three projects on ecology will be admitted to participate in Plat[form] 2017. The selected projects will receive opportunities for new partnerships, funding and development in 2017.

We dream to unite all people who believe in better future for Russia, who are not waiting for another time and other opportunities and want to do everything on the spot. Plat[form] is created to call such people together, embody bright ideas into actions and deeds through cinema, emotions and impressions.
Igor and Yekaterina Rybakovy
Nikita Tikhonov-Rau
director, producer, founder of the Plat[form] for social media projects, General producer of the "Third Sector" Social Film Laboratory, Vice President of the Documentary Film and Television Guild (Russian Documentary Guild) for special projects

"I want the Platform to become a point of growth and a place for effective search of new partners and friends for you".
Win-win. Everyone wins
Creative groups

will open new possibilities for development and financing of their projects
Business and CSR

will attract strong creative partners and tell about their social projects through media
Non-profit organizations

will become protagonists of media projects and incite more donors and volunteers
Media representatives

will find interesting content and minimize the cost of its production
How did the Plat[form] 2016 take place
Visual communication
Industry social partners
Industry film partners
Media partners
Plat[form] is an annual b2b platform for creation of large-scale impact-projects that can have an impact on the social problems solution. The main tool, a conceptual core of projects submitted under the Plat[form], is social films.